Monday, May 19, 2014

Outta the Blue

Apparently, my desire to keep a weekly updated page on my fitness journey failed really hard. But I thought i'd drop back in and relive some of my moments from the past few weeks!

Let's see...where did I leave off?

Well, shit, that was a long time ago!! I've come a really long way since February and I am pretty damn proud of myself. As of last week, I have lost a total of 32 lbs! Can you even believe it? Because I'm having a really hard time believing's really hard to realize that there was 32 pounds on my body in the first place

To give you some perspective:

This was me in December, when I really started realizing that I was big. If you remember or checked out my first post on this page, here, you'll remember I caught you up on my battle with fitness and my weight. I've really struggled with it! But I'm pretty proud of where I've come, from 217lbs in February to 185 lbs in May!

In these past few months, I've really tested my boundaries. At first, I really shied away from a lot of group activities, including the happy hours our group likes to do, because I hadn't mastered my will power and I wasn't comfortable talking to people about my weight and my decision to join this weight loss challenge. It can be really awkward to talk to people about your weight and your challenges! It was really personal at first...I didn't like recognizing just what I had become. But now I find it easier to face the music and accept responsibility for my physical state. After all, there's nobody to blame but yourself and there's nobody to help you but yourself.

Since mastering control and will power, I start exercising other aspects of dieting and fitness. I pushed my limits on the treadmill and found I actually enjoy the feeling of HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. I like seeing just how fast my legs can carry me and for how long. I find the feeling of the blood pounding in my face and the rivers of sweat rolling down my me, that's progress. I literally imagine the calories rolling off my body and that's a really cool feeling! I've tried a variety of other activities as well, from biking and the Elliptical to my new ass-kicker, the Arc Trainer. That thing kills me.  

In the past month or so, I've really gotten into what I've dubbed my Daily Doubles. I like to get up at 4:30 am and hit the gym then double back after work and work a little more. I found it really helped propel me forward in my fitness goals. I've also learned what not to do...which is go really hard into HIIT and not learning how to properly stretch! I suffered from some major shin splints for about 3 weeks and was unable to run for that time! I'm slowly getting back into it as of last week and am so glad! I forgot how awesome it is! But now I take time to wrap my shins and stretch after my warm up and after I finish. It's really important!

So now I have reached the last 2 weeks in this challenge. May 30th is our last weigh in and I'm really terrified (so much exasperation from my boyfriend) about winning. See, I'm jaded because I participated in a weight loss challenge in Oregon a few years back and came in a close this time (although it's totally different people) I challenged myself to get first! As of last week, I think I am in first but it can't help to further myself and try harder!

This week, I plan on being smart about it and not overdoing myself. I wanted to hit the gym tonight (after getting an ass kicking this morning on the Arc Trainer) but I failed to wash my sports bra...and when you only have one that you haven't washed in a few days...well you get the picture. 

Wish me luck on the rest of my adventure! I promise to post some final pictures of not only myself, but of my friend Melissa who has been right by my side this whole time! Her support and enthusiasm has really been awesome to have. I am so proud of her and her journey, plus dedication to our insane morning workouts! 

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