Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week Two Catch Up

Week two came and went before I really knew it...but my weigh in was good! It went better than expected at least. See the overall results below:

Initial Weigh In: 217 lbs
Week One: 209 lbs
Week Two: 207.75 lbs

It's a little complicated because I don't think the initial weigh in was structured properly. But I'll take those positive numbers and run with them! It's nice to have that encouragement.

My best workout day was Monday, or course. I went over on almost all my FitBit goals, but that's pretty typical. I find that I'm most motivated on a Monday. I like to really hit the gym with a lot of energy and try to beat my previous work out. Now only if I could get that motivation to last all week...

The rest of the week went as good as one could expect. I've noticed that my appetite was smaller, there were actually days where I didn't eat my whole lunch or didn't feel like snacking. I take those are great days.

Friday was rough, however. Valentine's Day brings my favorite treat of all: chocolate. Well, every single freaking holiday seems to incorporate chocolate BUT this holiday has my favorite treats. To top it off, my department was having a "Food Day," which is just an excuse for everyone to bring food and pig out all day. It was ridiculously tempting but I managed to avoid the table all day (except the end when I caved and had two small red velvet brownies...they were everything I wanted and MORE). To top it all off, I got really wasted Saturday night and ordered a pizza in my hazed state. I (kind of) remember making the decision to only two pieces and a few Parmesan bread bites.  I think I did well!

So when Monday rolled around, I was relieved when I saw a little loss. I think to do better next week, I need to up my cardio and shrink my portions. But I'm hopeful! It's still early and I have a lot to lose...which means I have a lot to fight for!  

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